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 Warloc ranks

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Number of posts : 263
Age : 30
Race : Dark Elf
Element : dark/ Wind
Class/Rank : warloc/ super ultimate person dude
Registration date : 2008-08-24

Character info
Magic point:
Warloc ranks Left_bar_bleue100000/100000Warloc ranks Empty_bar_bleue  (100000/100000)
Health points:
Warloc ranks Left_bar_bleue100000/100000Warloc ranks Empty_bar_bleue  (100000/100000)
Known spells:

Warloc ranks Empty
PostSubject: Warloc ranks   Warloc ranks EmptyTue Aug 26, 2008 2:04 pm

Apprentice- well you can only learn a few spells and can only use a few everyday

Corrupted Mage- this is when you learn advance level of dark spells only knowed by Warlocs

Warloc- a tough task to do but worth the wait since you can control certain object of tainted (evil objects that would destroy mortals just by touching it) and can also learn forbidden spells ((must be approved by a admin just in case ok))

well those are the rank for the warlocs or to be one
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Warloc ranks
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