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 jack's sell list

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Number of posts : 177
Age : 26
Race : vampire half blood
Class/Rank : vampire half blood
Registration date : 2008-08-30

Character info
Magic point:
jack's sell list Left_bar_bleue10000/10000jack's sell list Empty_bar_bleue  (10000/10000)
Health points:
jack's sell list Left_bar_bleue10000/10000jack's sell list Empty_bar_bleue  (10000/10000)
Known spells:

jack's sell list Empty
PostSubject: jack's sell list   jack's sell list EmptyFri Sep 05, 2008 3:03 pm

so i can keep up on my spells ^^

Fremilligomome: makes a ice golome,ranges from basic to master grand master dependin on size

decprition:With this spell the caster becomes water vapor for the duration of the spell. The caster may move 10' a round, unless aided by some wind. He may not cast spells, or attack. He is subject to magical attacks such as fireball or lightning bolt or any other magical damage spell. Water based attacks do nothing to the caster, including water elementals.

The caster can magically see what is around him and can tell where he is going. With this he is also still subject to a gaze attack. A successful gaze attack will revert the caster to his original form and have its effect.

In the water the caster may move 60' a round and becomes invisible.

decprition:This spell may be used to freeze over an entire body of water anywhere in the Wizard's line of sight. Models may move over it at normal rate for the remainder of the current expedition. It cannot be dispelled, though any fire-type spell attack (Fireball, etc.) cast on the area will automatically melt the ice. This may be used to cross a chasm, as the water at the bottom rises to form an icy bridge.

rank:master grand master
discripshon:The Wizard breathes upon the wounds of a single model in an adjacent square, and a chill vapor emerges, healing and restoring Wounds to maximum.
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jack's sell list
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